"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
a master calls a butterfly."

Client Testimonials

"After my session with Susan, I understand the title 'Life Coach'. Susan is so supportive, empowering and encouraging, I feel like I have a personal coach and cheerleader in my corner! She help me form a game plan for issues I didn't even realize were issues until she gently helped me uncover them by listening and asking, providing a safe and nurturing space in which I could explore. I walked out of my vey first session feeling unstuck, lighter, breathing easier, empowered, and grounded and with confidence to step in a new direction."

Tracy Stamper
St. Louis, MO

"I am building a business with road blocks and challenges wherever I turn. Susan's coaching picks me up when I fall and boosts me over those walls I need to climb to get to my goal. I find that I can tend to be my own worst enemy sometimes and Susan refuses to let me do that to myself with her continuous calm encouragement."

Rama Johnson

"I've had the opportunity both to be coached by Susan and to hear her coach others. She brings to her sessions that perfect balance of compassion and directness, giving her clients the time they need to get clear in their own minds while supporting and challenging them with enlightening questions and concrete strategies. Susan was born to coach!"

Gail Nielsen, M.A. R.P.C., CTACC
Principal Coach of the Move Mountains Group
Co-author of "The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly"

Susan B. Piontek
Susan B. Piontek, M.A. Ed.
CTACC Certified
Professional Life Coach
CWC - Certified Wellness Coach
(Endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine)
CME Credits - Harvard Medical School


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