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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Life Coaching and how long has it been around? Life Coaching was born in the 20th century and is rooted in psychological theories. The growth in the past 10 years has been significant and continues to expand. The psychologists Carl Jung and Alfred Adler could be regarded as the behind the scenes Founding Fathers of this phenomena, even though they were not around when the profession came to fruition. Adler perceived the individual as the Creative Director in his or her life and often included him/her in the crafting of goal setting, life planning and designing their future. The premise is an empowering one. It can help launch someone from a stuck place into an unstuck open space that holds promise and new possibilities and is a product of their active participation.

The individual who is regarded as the visionary of Life Coaching is Thomas Leonard, who in 1992, founded Coach University and trained people to learn the skills of coaching via teleconferencing classes. Coaching can be done over the phone or in person depending on the client's needs and schedule. It is most frequently done over the phone and at times in different parts of the country or for that matter even on separate continents. The fluidity of the relationship and accomplishing set goals is the key to success; the location is of secondary importance.
What is a Life Coach and why would someone seek one? Give some examples. A Life Coach is a professionally trained individual who helps motivate, direct and interact with a person/client who desires to move forward in his /her life. Together, the Coach and the Client establish an agenda or a focus at the outset of each session so that the best use of the time can be made. This piece is essential in optimizing the results derived by the client from his session. Sometimes, last weeks agenda is the same as the subsequent weeks and other times it shows up very differently. Frequently, the client is given opportunities to be held accountable for issues he is working on resolving. The co-collaborative relationship validates the importance of both the Coach and the Client in this endeavor.

There are a wide range of circumstances where an individual could benefit greatly from working with a Life Coach. These circumstances include but are not limited to improving relationships with co-workers, business partners, romantic partners, parents, teachers, children. The sessions might address weight loss, transitioning into a new job, leaving an old job, preparing for retirement, dealing with the loss of a loved one, the empty nest syndrome, or a separation or divorce.

Finding the right Life Coach is like anything else. Sometimes it's a perfect fit and other times it's not. Often Life Coaches will have a particular area of specialization which will best suit your needs. There is usually an opportunity to discuss these things with the Life Coach before the individual enters into this collaboration.
How often does one meet with a Life Coach and is it in person or by phone? This will vary with each individual's particular needs; however, most Coaches coach their clients at least 3 times a month. The sessions can range from a half hour to an hour per session. During the week, e-mail or short phone contacts can be a part of the agreement. Prior to beginning this collaborative relationship, guidelines are established, a contract is signed laying out the terms of the agreement.

Consistency and accountability are key to making progress. Appointments are made following each coaching session or a suitable weekly time is established at the beginning of our life coaching agreement. At the outset of establishing our coaching relationship, a two month commitment is required with a regular weekly session in person or by phone. It is important for you to keep your appointments and to be on time. That time is reserved for you. Understandably, if you are unable to keep an appointment due to an emergency, please notify me and we will reschedule it. Otherwise, you will be charged for that time.

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Susan B. Piontek, M.A. Ed.
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